We’re Among “Top 10 Demonstration Educational Scientific Research Schools of Shandong Province”

    2016-09-10 22:37:14           浏览数:0

On January 23, Zhang Aihua, a history teacher of No.2 High School, on behalf of the school, attended the conference of Shandong Teachers’ Professional Development and Scientific Research and Honored Teachers’ Growth, held in the city of Dezhou. Qingdao No.2 High School won the honor of “Top 10 Demonstration Educational Scientific Research Schools of Shandong Province”.

This is an honoring ceremony and a presentation scene of Shandong’s educational scientific research achievements, aimed at strengthening the role of educational scientific research and promoting the development of Shandong education and teachers' professional growth. During the conference, the Professional Development Research Center of Shandong Teachers was founded. Besides, the teachers present exchanged their experience of professional development and scientific research, and viewed part of the working process of a primary school teachers’ club, situated in the economic and technological development zone of Dezhou.

The conference reflected the important role that educational scientific research has played in teachers' professional growth and school development. Promoted by educational scientific research, teachers’ professional development will go higher and further.


   --- By Guo Jingru & Chen Lishan, Class 6, Senior One